Central heating

Air Systems


Compared to the water systems, the air systems for central heating are easier to build and maintain. Their installation is quick, the investment costs are lower and they do not require special cares for their upkeep.

The principle their operation is based on, is the heating of air which is transported via pipes and heats the different rooms. These systems are very flexible and they allow you to limit the area that is to be heated - you can heat only one room or your whole home. With these systems heating is very fast - to 30 minutes. If there is a power supply failure, there is no danger of overload of the system which may be caused by the stoppage of the fan (the turbo-extractor). The supply of hot air to the rest of the rooms will simply stop.

It is important to know that these systems are efficient for heating areas to 150 m2 of standard height. If a larger volume is to be heated, a water system for central heating should be used.

Water Systems

The water systems for central heating are efficient and preferred when areas larger than 150m2 are to be heated. In such cases the high investment costs for installation and assembly are justifiable. In addition to building a fireplace, it is built a whole system for transfer and distribution of heated water to the rooms to be heated. Using such a system, you can determine which rooms to heated and which not. In this way you will have efficient and economical heating for your home.
The maintenance of these systems is complicated too. After a certain period of time the water in the system has to be treated with special substances. Marmodom will consult you how to do this and will provide you with the substances needed.
In case of power supply failure – the water systems built by Marmodom are protected with UPS. In case of a current rush, the system can continue functioning for up to 3 hours.
It is good to bear in mind that when using these systems heating is slower than when using the air systems.