Useful Tips


The fireplace has to be mechanically cleaned twice a year, once during, and once after the heating season (on hot days it may smell unpleasantly of burned and tar). Cleaning is needed to maintain the good condition of the fireplace.
The reflector has to be dismantled so that the soot on it can be cleaned. The different elements of the fireplace are examined and if needed, the faulty ones are to be substituted.
It is not allowed to use the appliance in case of faults occured. They have to be removed before it is put into operation again.
After the heating season is over, clean all cast-iron elements, scrape off any tar deposits and brush all accessible parts with a steel brush. Then apply suitable paste or paint. This will make your appliance shine and will protect it from rust. If needed, apply paste or paint once more. We advise you to leave the air inlets open during this period for the fireplace to be aired and the chimney ventilated.
For fireplaces with fixed grates, cleaning should be done by means of an aspirator (vacuum cleaner) in order to remove dust resulting from gas convection. Empty the ash-pan regularly to avoid soot deposits which may clog the fire-grate and damage it. Do not throw away hot ember carelessly because it may cause fire. Use only metal containers and instruments.
Cleaning the glass - the cold glass is scrubbed with a sponge or a cloth, wet with a special cleaning product (it can be bought from us) based on sodium hydroxide. Follow the instructions and recommendations for use of the different cleaning substances. Use rubber gloves.
Accessories or brass parts should be periodically cleaned with a cleaning substance for brass and copper. Do not use for their cleaning the products intended for cleaning glass.