Useful Tips

Safety Measures When Loading

When the fireplace is burning, the door should be open by turning or pulling the latch. Open slightly and carefully, wait until the fire calmes down and open the door slowly.

Caution! Never use water to extinguish the fire! Do not place furniture and objects sensitive to heat near the fireplace!
The danger of fire is especially high when small children are palying with the fire!
If burning wood or ember fall out and some objects near the fireplace catch on fire, extinguish with a standard fire-extinguisher, available in the shops.

A grill can be used in the hearth. It should be of a suitable size in view of its easy use. You can buy an original grill from us. It has to be placed on ember left after wood has burned. Do not place the food to be grilled over burning wood. If your fireplace is equipped with one or two places for storing wood, they should not be overloaded so that air convection will be allowed. Easily flammable materials should not be placed in them.