Useful Tips

Advice in Case of Faulty Operation

Smoke released through the door!
The firebox itself cannot smoke. Read about the safety measures when loading, check whether the access of cold air is sufficient, examine the integrity of the fireplace and the hearth, the transmittance of the chimney and the smoke flue. Consult a specialist about the length or condition of the chimney.
The main reason for smoking of chimneys of the semi-closed type is the length of the chimney, its cross-section, the quality of materials it is made of and its insulation.

Slow heating, smoldering and dying fire!
Load on a good bed of embers. If needed, use small wood to get it started.
Use dry wood (15-20% dampness). Check the condition of your fireplace - the transmittance of the chimney, the smoke flue, the hearth and the glass seal.
Significant humidity of the room or poor insulation can also cause this problem.

Slow heating with strong fire!
Check the drought of the chimney. You can reduce the drought of the chimney by means of an automated control. It is offered by us. It is preferable to load with thick wood. Seal the windows and insulate the room.

Quick staining of the glass.
Use dry wood and do not close the fireplace completely. Examine the transmittance of the chimney.

Note: The operation of the furnace depends on the atmospheric conditions - when there is strong wind, the drought is considerable. When it is foggy and the atmospheric pressure is low, the drought is insufficient.